Hi there. The name’s Timbox129 And I’ve got 7 questions concerning the Dexter’s Laboratory movie, Ego Trip:

1. Being an hour long made for TV movie and the final remnant of classic Dexter’s Laboratory, have you ever seen Ego Trip?
2. Even more than the fantasy violence in Ego Trip, which one shock you guys? Inappropriate Stuff like the swimming pool scene with those beautiful and pretty girlies who scrubs Mandark’s feet, which is very erotic for a children’s show? or is it the ever-controversial whipping scene between Mandark and Teenage Dexter?
3. What’s your favorite part of Dexter’s Laboratory: Ego Trip, if you’ve seen it?
4. If you’ve seen Ego Trip, then have you seen Mandark in his cape?
5. What’s your experiences about Dexter’s Laboratory: Ego Trip if you’ve seen it?
6. Why did Dexter’s Laboratory went downhill after Ego Trip?
7. What did you like or hate about Dexter’s Laboratory: Ego Trip?

Well, answer all my questions concerning Dexter’s Laboratory: Ego Trip, OK?