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question on dexter tv show?

So wait did dexters mother die by that one old dude with the chainsaw? I saw a scene were 2 kids got splattered with their mothers blood from a chainsaw was dexter one of the kids?

Also, how does dexter not get caught? Like doesnt anybody report somebody went missing?

Sorry I just got into the show.

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The Most Disturbing Scenes in Dexter’s Laboratory: Ego Trip?

While you or I will be talking about Dexter’s Laboratory, anyway, What are the most disturbing and chilling scenes in Dexter’s Laboratory: Ego Trip? The ever controversial Swimming Pool Scene, with those beautiful and pretty girlies who give Mandark a bath (which I love) (even if they got up, turned around and run off in the distance!!!), the whippin’ Scene between Mandark and Teenage Dexter, and the violence in Dexter’s Laboratory: Ego Trip, although the swimming pool scene in Ego Trip with those beautiful and pretty sweeties (oh, I mean, girls) who scrubs Mandark’s feet, is pretty tame and not that chilling and disturbing at all? Anyone seen Dexter’s Lab: Ego Trip with all that stuff I’m talking about, do ya?